Originally formed by Dave and Briggs, Barracuda has grown over the years increasing our client base and gaining a reputation for a top quality end product and a simple but effective business ethic. Whilst 90% of our core business is in the license trade, ranging from large, extreme structural projects, to smaller more artistic exhibitions, we do still take on a number of more elaborate and exciting domestic jobs. On top of this, we’re always looking to take on more creative and ambitious projects that spike our interest and allow our team to work on new and innovative designs.

In the last two decades, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a honed team of highly skilled tradesmen, suppliers, designers and architects. This means we’ve got access to every resource required to ensure each job is carried out to the highest standards. The depth and scale of our completed works is immense, and our portfolio is filled with exciting, innovative and interesting projects.

We take great pride in helping our clients to achieve their vision. And we can offer to make your idea become a reality, taking on the job from start to finish. You can simply rip a page from a magazine, and our team can work to bring it to fruition, designing the project and carrying out every last task until it’s complete. We’re also just as happy to work closely with clients who have an architect’s design that needs to be followed to a tee. We’re dedicated to helping people create interesting spaces.

Here are a selection of our latest projects.